Create a no-code email

If you want to quickly build an email into your workflow, use the email step.

The email step is an on-the-go no-code solution for when you want to quickly create and send an email as part of your workflow.

To create the email:

  1. Click Workflows > + Create new... > Create a new workflow and give your workflow a name. If you have a workflow ready, click ... > Edit workflow.
  2. Click + Add step and select Email step.
  3. Click the step and click Configure email step.
  4. Enter the details for the email. Alternatively, you can re-use data from other steps. To do that click {} and select the data bit from the data reference dropdown.


Make sure to add the email recipient. To add multiple, simply separate the emails with a coma.

  1. (Optional) Add attachments. You can add those that should go with this specific email or those that should always be attached). Note that the max size of any attached file is 10MB.
    You can also use data references for the attachments.
    You can use multiple instance references, for example:
    {data_reference_1 - Files}, {data_reference_2 - Images}.
    Note the reference cannot be in .zip or base64 format.
  2. (Optional) Click Send test email and add your test recipient to send a test email and verify the content before sending it out to a larger group.
    Entering a test recipient doesn't change the actual recipients that you configured.
  3. When everything is correct, click Save changes.

Note that we don't support inline images in the body of the email. Additionally, you can't send dynamic links.


If you want to send an email from your own domain, see Integrate with SendGrid.

If you're looking for advanced HTML customization options, use the SendGrid step template available in Next Matter (Process > + Add step > Templates).