Integrate with Amazon Redshift

Get data out of your database or push data back to Amazon Redshift from a Next Matter workflow.

Before you begin

  • Set up a connection to Amazon Redshift. For details on allowing outside connections, see Amazon documentation.
  • You need to have a basic understanding of PostgreSQL queries.
  • Understand how data references work. See Use data references. This will help you use the captured data in the workflow steps.

Set up the integration in Next Matter

  1. Go to Automations library.
  2. In the Amazon Redshift app tile, click Connect.
  3. Enter the required data. You might want to contact your admin about it.

Use the integration

  1. Click a workflow in which you want to use Redshift.
  2. Click + Add step.
  3. Select Integrations > Amazon Redshift.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. In Query, enter a PostgreSQL query you want to run. It can be an INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, or DELETE query. Make sure it's one query per integration step. Nested queries and subselects are not allowed.


Tip: You can use data references to dynamically build your query and fill it with values from your workflow instance. You can also store query results in variables for using them later in the workflow.

Security restrictions

  • The query will only return a maximum of hundred rows. We recommend using an ORDER BY statement in your query so that you can control which hundred rows will be returned.
  • Queries that are very complex and run longer than one minute are not supported.
  • If you need support to run queries without these restrictions, contact our Support team.