Connect 3rd party services

Next Matter can integrate with any system through integration steps, for example, to retrieve data and use it further in a process or to update data in a third party system.

Next Matter and an external application connect using HTTP requests. Each request is a step in Next Matter called an integration step.

For some applications such as Google Sheets, Xero, and Google Drive, Next Matter can securely handle the authorization of integration calls that are made with Next Matter.

Connect an integration

  1. In the main navigation, go to Company.
  2. Open Integrations.
  1. Click Connect for an integration.
  2. Authenticate the application you're connecting to get the authentication data, such as the API key.


Make sure you have the Next Matter authentication key and token to autorize the requests, and the permissions to generate the API Key in the external application. If not, contact your company admin about the details.

When successful, the connected system is now available as a "Pre-configured" integration inside any Integration Step inside Next Matter.

Users and authentication

The authorization rights for the entire Next Matter workspace are tied to the user that is used to make the integration connection. For example, if you authorize Google Sheets, then Next Matter will ask you to select a user for the Google Sheets connection. As a consequence, Next Matter can interact only with the sheets to which this user has access.


Some companies create an email address and user for all Next Matter system integrations, for example [email protected]. That way it is easier to manage system access rights across all Next Matter processes.

Test integration

When you create an integration step, it's a good idea to test the integration first before running the workflow instance.

  1. Click Test Integration.
A screenshot of the integration step with the test integration button
  1. Use the generated test values or replace them with your own.
  2. Click Start Test and see if it gives you a correct response. If not, you can always re-configure the step and retry it.
  3. When you get a positive result, click done and work on the rest of the workflow.
A successful integration message

Disconnect an integration

Integration can be disconnected by any admin. Workflows that use integration steps with that pre-configured integration will no longer work until re-connected by an admin.

  1. In the main navigation, go to Company.
  2. Open Integrations.
  3. Click Disconnect for an integration.

Use templates

Templates are ready-made integration steps that display in your workflow.

To use a template, in your process click + Add step > Templates > 3rd party templates and pick a template you want to use.

When you have the template in your workflow, click Settings for every step it created and configure it. In most cases, you'll need to enter the details in the placeholders in the Body of the step.

It might also happen that a placeholder can be replaced by a data reference of the data provided in one of the previous steps. To learn more about data references, see Data references.