Next Matter actions

Use any of the no-code templates available to perform an action on the Next Matter instance

Stop instances

Use this no-code step as a result of a condition or as the last step in the workflow.

  1. Click Workflows > + Create new... > Create a new workflow and give your workflow a name. If you have a workflow ready, click ... > Edit workflow.
  2. Click + Add step and select Integrations > Next Matter actions.
  3. In the operation dropdown, select Stop instance.
  1. Provide the Instance ID.
Where is instance ID

The instance ID is an item of metadata created when an instance is created. You can find it when you open the data reference braces or by calling Next Matter API (List instances).

  1. Add any variables you need to re-use later.


User variables are not displayed in the output. However, they are visible in the data reference dropdown if you want to use them in further steps.

  1. Save your changes.


Tip: You can find no-code data calculations or formating actions you can perform on Next Matter data in Integrations > Quick Actions.