A common pattern in processes is that next steps are dependent on the outcome of previous steps or certain fields only show when specific requirements have been fulfilled. We enable this way of branching workflows with conditions.


In Next Matter you can attach conditions to:

  • a step
  • a form field

A use case for conditions might be candidate recruiting. If you recruit candidates to Design and Engineering teams, you want to send the profiles for review to different people based on what team the candidates are applying for.

So if the condition is as specified below, you can select a different step assignee than when the input contains Design.

Similarly, if your candidates have already provided their portfolio, you don't want to ask them twice, and add a condition to a form field.

Set step conditions

For example, you can only send a candidate a reminder (email step) if they haven't provided a portfolio (the file upload form field in previous step is empty). If the portfolio has been uploaded, the reminder step is skipped.

  1. Click Workflows.
  2. Click the process you want to update.
  3. Click the step you want to update.
  4. Click Add conditions (under the step name).
  5. Choose the step and the form field that your conditional step is dependent on.
  1. Click Save conditions.


Tip: Hover over the step to see the applied conditions.


If you set conditions to a step with mandatory fields, the step still gets skipped if the conditions are not met.

Set form field conditions

For example you can send a candidate a follow up form. If they have already provided a portfolio, the portfolio upload form field in the form will not display to the candidates.

  1. Click Workflows.

  2. Click the process you want to update.

  3. Click the step to open it.

  4. Click the conditions icon right of the form field name.

  5. Specify your conditions.

  6. Save your changes.


Tip: Hover over the icon to see the applied conditions.