Workflow overview

In Next Matter, you have an overview of all workflows and a details overview per workflow.

Workflows overview

This overview is available when you click Workflows > Overview. It helps you manage and track running instances and stop or delete an instance if needed. You can also use the Filters option to find an instance you need.

You can see the same view per workflow if you click this workflow.

Workflow details overview

To see workflow details, click the workflow name on the list and click the pen icon or the eye icon left of the workflow name.

This opens general workflow details such as the list of steps, the details of the workflow lead, workflow visibility, status, and the tech lead.

In the overview, you can also add useful notes on the workflow and upload anything relevant to the workflow.

Who is who in the overview

The workflow lead is the person who can view, change or delete a workflow. They are the main contact people for the workflow. They are also the main business stakeholder. You can change the lead at any time.

The tech lead might be the workflow builder or can manage technical aspects of the workflow. When a step fails, it automatically gets assigned to the tech lead. They also get notified if a step failed (in the Needs attention section of the Inbox and by email.). If the tech lead is not set, the workflow lead remains the escalation contact.

You can select the lead from among the workspace colleagues.


Note: A tech lead is just a role that can be assigned to anyone and it doesn't change the account's permissions. However tech leads will be able to see the request body if the integration fails even if the step visibility is restricted.

Workflow change history

You can see what changes have been made to the workflow, who made them, and when in the Changelog tab in the Workflow overview. The changelog displays all events from the latest to the oldest.


Use cases for the changelog

  • For workflow managers: The changelog cn help you with compliance and audit-readiness.
  • For workflow builders: The changelog can help you update complex workflows, and test and release them. It can also be useful when you need to roll back specific updates.

Flowchart and Linear view

You can get a visual representation of your workflow by clicking View Flowchart in the top bar of the Workflow overview. For details, see Flowchart view.