Non-blocking steps

If you want a process to run faster, you can decide to make a step non-blocking. Then, the workflow will continue before this step finishes.

If you know a step will take time (for example because it involves gathering data), you can set it as non-blocking. Then the workflow will continue even though the step hasn't been finished, and the next step in line can be activated.

For example, if step 2 is non-blocking, then once step 1 is completed, both step 2 and step 3 are active.


Note: By default steps are blocking.

Non-blocking steps are always used in the Complete step integration step if the data from this step is used to complete the following step. This is because you need the following step to be active.


Tip: A blocking step can be skipped. However only process leads can skip steps.

To set a step to non-blocking:

  1. Click the step to open it.
  2. Click ... on the right-hand side of the step's name.
  3. Click Make non-blocking.