List the instances of given workflow, optionally filtered.
Filtering can be applied using the Query params as:

  • name: all instances with name containing this substring

  • ordering: sorting by ascending or descending Options: status, priority, ended_time, total_runtime, started_time. Use β€œ-β€œ to sort descending, i.e. -status

  • status: Options are running, completed, aborted

  • progress: with suffix _min or _max

  • active_step_id: all instances that are at the specific step in a process

  • priority: Options: V (Very High) or H for (High)

  • started_time: with suffix _after or _before

  • last_updated_time: with suffix _after or _before

  • deadline: with suffix _after or _before

  • step_deadline: with suffix _after or _before

  • aborted_time: with suffix _after or _before

  • completed_time: with suffix _after or _before

  • ended_time: with suffix _after or _before

  • total_runtime_min: instance duration as '%d %H:%M:%S.%f' or ISO format

  • total_runtime_max: instance duration as '%d %H:%M:%S.%f' or ISO format

  • tags: name of the tag or tags separated by comma. Multiple tags are searched as OR condition.

  • page: for pagination.

  • active_step _id: returns instances of a workflow for which the step with the specified ID hasn't been completed and is currently active.

Dates shall follow the ISO8601 format and UTC standard.
Page size is 500 by default, 5000 maximum. To paginate, follow the standard usage of limit and page parameters.

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