Get started: Work with tasks

As a Next Matter user you'll be working with tasks and getting notifications in your inbox.

As a user, you'll need to know the following:

  • how to use your inbox
  • how to complete a task
  • how to collaborate on workflows or ask a question

Get to know your inbox: Watch a tour

Complete a task: Watch a tour

Collaborate on tasks: Watch a tour

Get notified about tasks: Watch a tour

Tips and tricks

Set up Slack notifications and out of office
Change your password
Use portals as a quick resolutions center

Sometimes company admins can collect workflows and present them as portals. These are pages you can use to start a workflow and get to a solution quickly.

If your admin shares a portal with you, you'll get an email invitation to create a Next Matter account. Create it and do the following:

  1. Open portals (under the Inbox in your navigation.
  2. Start the workflow by clicking its tile.