Personal profile

Decide if and how you want to get notified about tasks or instances and manage your personal details and password.

To open your profile settings, click the icon in the bottom-left corner and then click Profile settings.

Update your profile picture

  1. To set or change your profile picture, in the profile settings click General.
  2. In the photo section, click Edit.
  3. Click Upload new photo.
  4. Select the picture you want to upload and click Open.
  5. Fit the picture to the window and click Use photo.
  6. Click Save changes.


If you decide to remove the picture, we'll show the first letter of your username as the avatar.

Update your password

  1. To set or change your password, in the profile settings click General.
  2. Click Send link to set password.
  3. Check your email account inbox. We'll send you an email to the email associated with your Next Matter account.
  4. Click the button in the email.


For security reasons, the reset link is valid for 3 days.

Set up notifications

Use the options available in the Profile settings > Notifications to set up your preferences.

If you don't want to receive any email notifications from us, clear all checkboxes. This way, we'll only notify you about things that need your attention or tasks assigned to you using the Next Matter inbox.