Data overview

Use the Data tab to monitor the health of your team and your workflows.

The Data tab helps you understand the bottlenecks in your workflows and how different teams, and people are performing.

Workflow data

The data in this tab help you view average completion times of all or a specific workflow. You can also check how many instances have been started in the specified time range.

If you've introduced changes to the workflow you can check if its completion time in the week after the updates has reduced.

Team data

This tab helps you analyze the performance of teams. You can narrow down your view to a specific workflow and team.

For example, you can analyze how fast teams pick up their tasks, or how long (on average) tasks remain open.

Data export

If you select a specific workflow either in the Workflow or the Team data tab, you can export it to a CSV file to import it to your data warehouse for reporting purposes. Alternatively, you can do it with API or by sending data to an external tool. For export details, see Export data