Overview of workflows and instances

With roadmap you can get a 360-degree view of your workflows and instances. Use it for reporting or reviewing statuses and to define who builds which workflow by when.

To open roadmap, click Roadmap in the left-hand navigation. You can also access roadmap from your Next Matter dashboard.

Roadmap for managers

Filtering for the right data

As a manager, you can quickly access metrics and see where the team is at implementing and running workflows. You can filter the data by:

  • Workflow status
  • Time to go live
  • Workflow lead


Have an overview of the workflows which are live versus those that are still on the backlog. You can also update the status label for each workflow, and prioritize those that are critical.

If need be, you can quickly access the workflow to change the lead, or update the go-live date.

Roadmap for builders

Quick access

As a builder, you can use roadmaps to quickly access workflow status and monitor which workflows are about to go live. You can drill down to check whether all builder notes have been completed, or, if some have not, click the number link to see what still needs your attention.

You can also click the eye or pencil icon (if you have edit rights) to quickly view and update the workflow.


Use the instances started column to monitor any overdue or canceled instances and access them quickly. You can also verify the completed instances.

Workflow suggestions

If you need suggestions on how to break a workflow down into steps, use the AI process builder to give you some hints. Click + Create new workflow with AI for our Chat GPT-powered AI engine to help out.