Notes in workflow

Capture all back and forth messages around the design and building of a workflow and keep them as documentation in builder notes.

You and your team can leave multiple notes. They can be assigned to a step or collectively listed in a workflow overview. Builder notes can be used for idea exchange, but you can also make them required and assigned to a team member for completion.

Add builder notes

  1. Open Workflows.
  2. Click a workflow to see its overview.
  3. In the Building notes section, click Create new.
  1. Enter the title of the note. You can also do one of the following:
  • Tag a person or a team you want to get involved. To tag just type @ and start typing the name. The person will be notified by email.
  • Tie a note to a specific step.
  • Make the note required before the workflow can be set to live so that the note displays as a must have for the workflow. The note will only disappear if you mark the note as completed.
  1. Click + Create.

The notes will be added to the workflow. You can see all of them in the Building notes section of the Workflow overview. By default, we show the open notes. To see the open and the completed notes, click Show completed.


Tip: If you can't immediately see the building notes in the workflow overview, click the edit icon for the workflow. You can also see all workflows that have must-have notes in the Roadmap tab.

Completed and open notes

Notes are displayed under the step they belong to. Open notes have an orange background and the completed ones - are green.

Even if a note has been completed, you can reopen it and resume the conversation.

To reopen a note:

  1. In Building notes, click Show completed.
  2. Click Show more on the note you want to reopen.
  1. Click Reopen building note.
  2. Type your message.


Need to comment on an instance?

Tip: If your workflow goes live and you need users to comment on an instance, they can do it by staring a conversation.