Troubleshooting workflows

Refer to this page if you've run into issues creating or starting a workflow.

My workflow stops at the Launch step and flashes the 401 error.
This might happen when the phrase Api-Key is missing in the Header.
  1. In the left-hand navigation, click Workflows.
  2. Click the process containing the Launch step.
  3. Edit the Launch step.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. Make sure your API key is proceeded by the Api-Key phrase.
I'm getting an Unauthorized error when I try to push data to Google Sheets

This might happen when you don't select Google Slides in the Authorization field in the integration step's settings.

Why does my integration step show as skipped?

This happens if you have selected to skip a failed step. You can configure this in the step's settings in the On Failure section. Probably the step failed and it was skipped.

To quickly see what the issue with the step might be, expand the skipped step and right-click to inspect. Next, delete the overlay <div>.

A screenshot of the CSS code with the overlay settings highlighted

The data reference gets pushed to an external system as raw variables, not the actual data

This might happen when you edit the Body in an external JSON editor and then copy it over to Next Matter. Data references need to be selected directly in Next Matter (by clicking the braces and selecting the value from the dropdown).

Why is the variable I created breaking my integration

It might be because there are brackets or braces to the variable name. Make sure the name doesn't contain any brackets or braces.

I'm getting a Step not found error

If you're getting this error when clicking Test integration in the Complete step automatically template, it's because the auto-complete step relies on the instance ID of the running instance. Clicking Test integration in the editor with no running instance will always produce this error even if all placeholders are correct.

My instance gets stuck on an integration step

If this happens, try refreshing the screen.

How do I retry and update a failed step?

Your integration test might fail with a Bad gateway or Not authorized error. In such cases, you can take over a step, re-configure it, and retry.


You can take over a step if you're a workflow owner or a workflow tech lead.