Reassign tasks

Find steps assigned to team members and reassign them to keep workflows running.

Check which tasks are assigned

Use the Open forms page in Workflows > Overview to find step assignees, and re-assign tasks if needed.

Reassign tasks due to holidays

To re-assign tasks due to absence, you can use the Out of office function in Profile settings. Each user can set up their out of office days and specify to whom to assign the incoming tasks while they are away.

This way all the new tasks get automatically re-assigned. The tasks that have already been assigned need to be re-assigned manually.

Reassign tasks due to a person leaving company

Use the Open forms tab in Workflows > Overview.

  1. Go to the Open forms tab.
  2. Use CTRL+F to find the tasks assigned to the person. After the user has been deleted, they will not display in the Assignee filter drop-down.
  3. Click the assignee drop-down under the task name and re-assign the task. You need to do that separately for each task.