Grow your team

You can quickly invite new colleagues and create and manage your team.

You need to be an administrator to invite colleagues to the Next Matter workspace.

Invite colleagues

You need to be an admin to invite colleagues to Next Matter. To invite a colleague:

  1. In the main navigation, go to Company.
  2. Click Colleagues.
  3. In the top right corner, click +Add colleague.
  4. Enter the personal details of the invitee.
  5. Click Send invitations.

Remove colleague

  1. In the main navigation, go to Company.
  2. Click Colleagues.
  3. On the right-hand side of the colleague's name, click the cross icon.

If there are still open tasks for that user then you need to delegate all open tasks to another colleague or complete those workflow instances first.

Add colleagues to teams

To add your colleagues to a team, click + Add next to the colleague's name (in Company > Colleagues).

Currently, you can only add colleagues to teams one by one.

Rename or delete a team

You can rename or delete a team in Company > Teams. Click ... and select the action.


Tip: When you delete a team and there are active workflows with actionable steps assigned to the team, you need to re-assign these steps or complete instances to another team member. Any unassigned steps and active conversations also get re-assigned and display in the new assignee's inbox. Completed steps or instances don't get re-assigned.

Click Delete team and follow the prompt to select the right assignee.