Templates give you a head-start on integration. They create all the necessary steps and fill in the API details you need.

Templates are ready-made integration steps that display in your workflow.

To use a template, in your process click + Add step > Templates. You can select out of the following template options:

  • 3rd party templates: these templates provide you with ready-made steps that use 3-rd party system integrations. Use them to quickly create workflows that send messages to Slack, write things to templates in Google Drive, and so on.
  • Next Matter templates: these templates provide you with chunks of Next Matter ready-made workflows. Use these templates to quickly create steps for stopping an instance, automatically completing a step, and so on. Several templates provide you with steps that show you an example of a function in use. You can use these when you need to calculate or format a date or put together a URL.
A screenshot of the list of step templates

Pick a template you want to use.

When you have the template in your workflow, click Settings for every step it created and configure it. In most cases, you'll need to enter the details in the placeholders in the Body of the step.

It might also happen that a placeholder can be replaced by a data reference of the data provided in one of the previous steps. To learn more about data references, see Data references.


No idea what your workflow should look like? Our AI can help you build it!

  1. Log in to Next Matter and click Roadmap.
  2. Click + Create new process with AI.
  3. Describe your workflow and click Generate workflow. Don't worry about the Steps count for now.
  4. If you like the workflow, click Open in editor, and tweak the details.

If you can't see the AI template builder in your editor, contact our Support team.