Integrate with Zapier

Next Matter can make any Rest API call and send data to other systems or integration layers so that it can be used further.

Before you begin

Understand how data references work. See Use data references. This will help you use the captured data in the workflow steps.

Set up the connection

  1. In Zapier editor, click to open the Trigger step.
  2. In the Choose app & event section, click the Trigger Event dropdown menu and select Catch Hook.
  3. Copy the webhook's URL.
  4. In your Next Matter portal, click Workflows.
  5. Open the process that should send data to Zapier and add an Integrations > Custom Integration step.
  6. Click Settings and enter the following data:
  • Method: POST
  • Headers: Content-Type: application/json
  • In the Body enter the values you want to send to Zapier. These might be the data references of the data you collected in previous steps. For example, the body might look like the following:
    { "titleofprocess": "{{instance_name}}", //replace these placeholders with data references 
     "linktoinstance": "{{instance_url}}", 
     "creator": "{{instance_lead_user}}", 
     "name": "{1. Enter some data - Name - Input}", 
     "favorite_number": "{1. Enter some data - Favorite Number - Input}"


Tip: In the same way you can integrate to any other system that uses webhooks.