Integrate with Mailchimp

Send Mailchimp transactional emails directly from your workflow.

You can use our Step templates to guide you through the integrations. You can find step templates in Workflows > + Add step > Integrations > Templates > 3rd party templates > Mailchimp.

  1. In Mailchimp, generate your API key. You can find the details here.
  2. You'll be sending the email using a message template. Review the Mailchimp documentation to learn about the related API parameters.
  3. In Next Matter select the workflow that should trigger a Mailchimp message, and add a new integration step.
  4. Click Settings and enter the following details:
  • Method: POST
  • URL:
  • Headers: Content-Type: application/json
  • Body might look like the following:
    	"template_name": "PLACEHOLDER_FOR_TEMPLATE_NAME",
    	"template_content": [
    	"message": {
    		"html": "PLACEHOLDER_FOR_MESSAGE_IN_HTML", //optional full HTML content to be sent if not in template
    		"text": "PLACEHOLDER_FOR_MESSAGE_TEXT", //optional full text content to be sent
    		"subject": "PLACEHOLDER_FOR_SUBJECT",
    		"from_email": "PLACEHOLDER_FOR_SENDER_EMAIL",
    		"from_name": "PLACEHOLDER_FOR_SENDER_NAME",//this is optional
    		"to": [ {
    			"type":"to"//you can enter bcc or cc here
  1. Save your changes.


To learn more about Mailchimp email format (plain text and HTML), see Mailchimp documentation.