Integrate with DHL

Create shipments and return corresponding shipment tracking numbers, labels, and documentation.

  1. Select the Next Matter workflow that should integrate with DHL.
  2. Click Edit workflow.
  3. Click Add step and select Integrations as the step type.
  4. Click the step to open it.
  5. Click Settings.
  6. Select POST as the Method and enter the following URL:
  1. Create the following Headers
    • Accept: application/json
    • dhl-api-key: YOUR_DHL_API_KEY
      You can create the key by clicking this link and clicking the Get Access button in the top right corner.
    • Content-type: application/json
    • Authorization: Basic authentication (replace with your data)
    • Accept-Language: DE-de
  2. Enter the Body of the request. It might look like the following (make sure to replace the placeholders)
  "shipments": [
      "product": "REPLACE_PRODUCT",
      "billingNumber": "BILLING_NUMBER",
      "refNo": "ORDER_NUMBER",
      "shipper": {
        "addressStreet": "REPLACE_SHIPPER_STREET",
        "additionalAddressInformation1": "REPLACE_SHIPPER_STREET,
        "postalCode": "REPLACE_SHIPPER_POSTALCODE",
        "city": "REPLACE_SHIPPER_CITY",
        "country": "DEU",
        "email": "REPLACE_SHIPPER_EMAIL",
        "phone": "REPLACE_SHIPPER_PHONE"
      "consignee": {
        "name1": "REPLACE_CONSIGNEE_NAME",
        "addressStreet": "REPLACE_CONSIGNEE_STREET",
        "additionalAddressInformation1": "REPLACE_CONSIGNEE_STREET",
        "city": "REPLACE_CONSIGNEE_CITY",
        "country": "DEU",
        "email": "REPLACE_CONSIGNEE_EMAIL",
        "phone": "REPLACE_CONSIGNEE_PHONE"
      "details": {
        "dim": {
          "uom": "mm",
          "height": REPLACE_DIM_HEIGHT,
          "length": REPLACE_DIM_LENGTH,
          "width": REPLACE_DIM_WIDTH
        "weight": {
          "uom": "g",
          "value": REPLACE_DIM_WEIGHT_IN_GRAMS
  1. Click Save changes.

If needed, refer to the DHL API docs.