Integrate with Notion

Connect your workflow and Notion to create new pages.

Have a workflow trigger creating a new page in Notion.


You need to be a workspace admin to complete this task.

Configure Notion

  1. Create a new integration in Notion here.
  2. On the Notion integration page, create a new internal app called "Next Matter”.Β 
  3. Click the app and copy the Integration secret. You'll need to provide it in the Next Matter workflow.
  4. In Notion, click the parent page under which you'll be creating new pages.
    To do this, in the top right-hand corner click ... > + Add connections.
  5. Select the Next Matter app.
  6. Allow Notion access to Next Matter.
  7. On your parent page, in the top-right corner click Share.
  8. Click Copy link.
  9. Paste the link somewhere and extract the Notion page ID from the link. You can find the page ID at the end of a Notion page's URL (before any query strings starting with ?).
    For example, the page ID here would be fa12225389b641339a46df8073992b62.

Configure Next Matter

  1. In your Next Matter portal, click Workflows, and then click the workflow you want to create pages in Notion.
  2. Click Edit workflow.
  3. Click +Add step and select Integration > Custom integration.
  4. Click Settings to configure the step.
  5. Enter the following details:
    • Method: POST
    • URL:
    • Headers: Content-Type: application/json
    • Headers: Authorization: Notion's integration secret
    • In the Body enter the values. For example, the body might look like the following:
      	"parent": {"page_id": "YOUR_PARENT_PAGE_ID"}, //Replace Parent page ID
          "properties": {
      		"title": {
      			"title": [
      					"text": {
      						"content": "TITLE_OF_NEW_PAGE" //Replace with title
  6. Save your changes.