Connect to Zendesk code-free

Connect to Zendesk in seconds to enable users create and update tickets directly from the workflow

Before you begin

In your Next Matter portal, go to Company > Integrations, and click Connect next to Zendesk.

Enter the subdomain to connect to Zendesk using OAuth.

For example, if your domain is:, then d3v-nextmatter is the subdomain to enter.

Integrate with Zendesk

  1. Click Workflows > + Create new... > Create a new workflow and give your workflow a name. If you have a workflow ready, click ... > Edit workflow.
  2. Click + Add step and select Integrations > Zendesk.
  3. Click the step and click Configure integration.
  4. Select Create ticket or Update ticket in the Zendesk action.
  5. Fill in all the required fields marked with an asterisk.
  6. (Optional) Enter the requester name and email (that would normally be your client name and email address). These two fields are co-dependant so you can either leave both empty or fill in them both.
    If requester name and email are not provided, we will use the details of the user who connected Zendesk to Next Matter.
  7. (Optional) In the Custom fields field, enter the Zendesk custom field ID and its value. For example:

You can enter several fields, separated with a comma.


If you are updating the ticket to give it the Solved (or Completed) status, make sure you provide a value to ALL the required custom fields. If any of the required fields is not filled in, the step will show an error.

  1. (Optional) Click + Add a variable and add any variables you need to use in the next steps. For example enter this value: $.'Ticket ID' to get the Zendesk ticket ID of the newly created ticket.
  2. When everything is correct, click Save changes.

Custom fields

To get the ID of the custom fields in Zendesk, you need to be a Zendesk admin. To get the ID:

  1. In Zendesk, open Admin Center.

  2. Click Objects and Rules > Fields.

  3. Copy the Field ID of the custom field you want to appear in the ticket created from Next Matter.

  4. Add the ID in the Next Matter Custom fields field and provide a value for this field.


You can add variables to your step configuration. Variables are chunks of data that we take from the Response of the step and turn them into reusable items. For example, when you create a ticket in Zendesk, Zendesk would normally return this ticket ID.

To know exactly which variables you can add to the step configuration, we recommend test-running the step and analyzing the response.

To get the response data:

  1. Run your workflow.
  2. Go to Workflows > Overview > Completed instances and click on the workflow to open it.
  3. Click on the Zendesk step.
  1. Scroll down to Status and expand Show details. The response might look like the following.

  2. Go back to your step configuration and create your variable in the step by clicking + Add a variable.

Here are the most common variables:

Variable nameValue
Ticket ID$.'Ticket ID'
Ticket URL$.'Ticket URL'


Good to know: For actions not listed in the Zendesk integration, check out our ready-made templates available when you add a step and select Templates > 3rd party templates. You can use the templates to create a set of pre-configured steps.