Analyze text and images code-free with AI

Use our no-code step to analyze, generate emails, forms, or chat replies, and process images.

Before you begin

  • In your Next Matter portal, go to Automations library, click Connect in the OpenAI app tile, and enter the OpenAI API token to connect.

Use the integration

Analyze or generate text

  1. Click Workflows > + Create new... > Create a new workflow and give your workflow a name. If you have a workflow ready, click ... > Edit workflow.
  2. Click + Add step and select Integrations > OpenAI.
  3. Click the step and click Configure integration.
  4. Select Process/generate text with AI in OpenAI action.
  5. Enter the prompt and select the AI model and the output type.
  1. (Optional) If needed, you can tweak the request by providing data in the Advanced AI configuration dropdown.
  2. Select the output text to be a variable you can refer to later on.
  3. Save your changes.

Use cases

  • You can use the no-code step to, for example, analyze customer emails for the support team and surface email main points, and measure the sentiment.
  • You can analyze customer emails to automatically input data into insurance claim forms that customer can review and confirm.