Deadlines/reminders for external users

As a process lead you can set deadlines for steps, and send external assignees reminders to get the step completed in time.

Reminders can come in handy when a step has been assigned to an external user and there is no easy way to remind the person responsible about the step in an internal chat message. You can configure reminders in any step. Reminders can be sent to any user or team.

You need an email address input in a previous part of the process to send reminders to people without a Next Matter account. You can select this email address input when you set up reminders.


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Tip:To see how to let users set their own deadlines, see Allow users to set instance deadlines.

Need to know how to send internal reminders? See Schedule a step start and deadline

Set up a deadline and reminders

  1. Click on a workflow you want to update.
  2. Click ... > Edit workflow.
  3. If you don't have this already, create a form (+ Add step > Form) and add an Email address input form field. Assign this step to an external user.


Note: This is the step in which the external user will provide their email address. You can select this data reference to send a reminder.

  1. Click on the step for which you want to create a reminder.
  2. Under the step name, click Add deadline.
  1. Use the dropdowns to set the deadline for the step.
  2. Click Add reminder.
  3. Select the participants you want to send the reminders to. To send the email to the email address the external user provided in a previous step, select the Email address input data reference.
  1. Specify how long the reminder should be sent to the assignee before the deadline.
  2. Click Save.


Tip: To set up a reminder to be sent before and past the deadline, set up two reminders with different date parameters (step 8).

Now the assignee will receive a reminder at the time you specified. The email might look like the following: