Step start and deadline

You can set the time for the step to start on, after, or before as certain date. For example you might want to automatically send a follow up email to a customer after 5 days. In the same way, you can define the step's deadline.

You can schedule a step in relation to certain events in a workflow. You can schedule the following:

  • Instance start time
  • Other step start/completion times
  • Date input from a previous step

Schedule start and deadline

To schedule the step's start and deadline dates:

  1. Click Workflows.
  2. Click the workflow you want to update.
  3. Click the step you want to update.
  4. To define the start dates, click Schedule start. To work with the deadlines, click Add deadline.
  1. Define the conditions for the start and/or deadline.
  1. If you're setting a deadline, you can define if and to who to send the reminders. To do that, enter the details in the Send a reminder to section.

You can send reminders to multiple users or teams, and also set multiple reminders which – if a step is not completed on time – can trigger an escalation automatically.


Tip: You can also enter an email and send a reminder to an external party.

Step deadline information is displayed on your Next Matter dashboard. You will also be receiving email notifications about it.

If a step is overdue, you can see it in the Attention needed tab of your inbox.