First steps

Learn about automation and Next Matter before you dive in.

What is automation

Automation happens everywhere. For example, when you've paid for something your bank might send you a notification about your account being debited. When you apply for a job, you get an email confirming your CV has been sent out. This all happens automatically, without you needing to push a button.

What should I automate with Next Matter

With Next Matter you connect a string of tasks that will automatically flow from one person to the next:

You can also automate complex tasks that together create a workflow connecting multiple tools and teams. For example, you can automate:

  1. End-to-end product return workflow (this is when a customer wants to return a purchased product and get a refund)
  2. Car rental and return workflow (with all side actions such as getting a crew to clean up the car after rental)
  3. Onboarding workflow (when you take on a new supplier or employee)

and hundreds more...

What are workflows

In a nutshell, workflow is a set of steps that gets you from A to B. Come to think of that, even preparing lunch is a workflow starting with getting the bread out and finishing with placing the plate in a dishwasher.
Workflows can:

  • have multiple steps and step types (forms to fill in, steps when a decision is needed, steps that need completing in parallel)
  • branch out or take a different route based on conditions
  • involve internal and external participants
  • connect to 3rd party tools to exchange data
  • have deadlines

You will be able to create and participate in all kinds of workflows in Next Matter.

What is my role

Depending on your role, you'll have a different set of tasks and journeys. Select your role and dive right in.