Build future-proof workflows that make operations smarter and smoother.

Workflows range from simple to more complex. The latter are usually those that involve integrating with third-party tools. To speed up the process, you can connect to some external tools right away.

Quick start

Use the Workflows tab to start building workflows. These are the resources to help you:

Integrations and keys

The Company tab offers you quick access to generating API keys to authenticate your external and internal API calls (you can call Next Matter API, too). Make sure to look up the Automations library to see which third-party apps you can connect right away. Once you activate the integration, you won't need to authenticate specific API calls for that application.

Apart from the ready-made integrations, you can also integrate with an extensive set of tools using custom integrations. Refer to the Integrations section in this Help Center to see what your integration options are.


To help you build effectively, we've created a set of step templates you can use in your workflow. These are ready-made sets of steps, which you can use right away, and they only need changing placeholders to your data.

You can use each template as a stand-alone workflow or build them into a longer workflow. You can find all templates in the Automations library > Use cases.

Data references and variables

Next Matter uses data references to use the data from previous steps in the following ones. For example, if a user uploads a file into the workflow, you can reference this file later on. The workflow data is automatically broken into smaller reusable chunks so that you keep track of it and reference it as the workflow progresses.

You can also use variables, which is data from API responses that can be used throughout the course of the workflow.

Next steps