Open a conversations in an instance step to clarify the task, to add context information or to request any additional task in real time.

Conversations can be created on any step with any status (active, completed, skipped and upcoming) and of any type (action, decision and integration step). Any user with step visibility can create a conversation on it. The only exception is the External steps. The external users will not be able to use the conversation feature.

This sections shows how to:

Start a conversation

You can use the "Start conversation" feature in an instance step by clicking on the conversation icon.

The conversation is displayed. After entering the conversation title and the message click on "Create".

The conversation is now started and any other user with access to this step will be able to read and answer.

The steps containing a conversation will have the conversation icon.

Tag people or teams

You can tag people or teams to whom you send the message. They will be notified by email and will have the conversation in the inbox. To tag just type @ and start typing the name. A list of suggestions will appear to autocomplete.

Complete and Reopen a conversation

By clicking on "Mark Complete" button the conversation is closed. The conversation can be seen but no more replies are possible unless it is re-opened.

By clicking on "Reopen conversation" button the conversation is activated again and replies can be added.

If a conversation is open when completing a step, a warning will be shown to inform this conversation is still open. It is not a blocking message.

Check your Inbox

You can find all your conversationin the Inbox. You can navigate to any conversation by clicking on "Go to instance" button.

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