By configuring an instance recurrence, you set your process to start a new instance automatically. This can be useful for your periodically recurring processes such as

  • quarterly or yearly reporting

  • recurring compliance checks

  • quality assurance reviews

  • auditing

  • payroll processes

  • Month closing activities

  • tax report creation

You can configure recurrences on any of your processes with a few simple clicks.

  1. Enter the process editor

  2. Click on the trigger step (the very first step of the process)

  3. here you will find the instance recurrence setting

  4. set a new recurrence by selecting the interval you need. You have several options

    1. daily

    2. weekly

    3. monthly

    4. yearly

Once configured you will see a new icon in the process screen that indicates a recurring process. Hovering over the icon will show you the details of the recurrence settings.

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