This tutorial will guide you through the creation of steps in your process that allow for the calculation of a date based on an input date.

You can also use our step templates to create the required steps

Step 1: Create Date Input

Access your process and create an action step at the right point in the process. Add a "Date Input" action to the step.

Step 2: Create an input to set the number of days to add/subtract

In the same step, create a string input action. This will serve to submit the days that you want to add/subtract when running your process.

Tip: to subtract days, enter a negative number, i.e. -5, when running your process instance. For adding days its not necessary to type the number as +5, simply type the number.

Step 3: Create the date calculation step

Create an integration step. Make sure it is created at some point in the process after the date input step. Configure the integration step:

choose method POST and URL







{"date": [use the data references feature to get the date from the

previous step],

"days_to_add": [use the data references feature to get the number of days from the previous step]}

By using "Response data for use in later steps" you can save the resulting date so that it can be data referenced by later steps.





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