You can use Next Matter integration steps to directly integrate your process with Google Drive. For uploading a file from Next Matter to Google, Drive access your process and follow these instructions.

You can also use our step templates to create the required steps

1. - Create a File Upload in Next Matter

In your process create a new action step then add a file upload action to that step.

2. - Configure upload to Google Drive

Create a new integration step right after the step that we just created.

Configure the integration step

Method - POST

Body type - Form-data

Add two Rows






{"name": "%Insert data reference to the filename from file upload step.%", "parents":["%insert gdrive folder id%"]}



%Insert data reference to the "First File" field from file upload step%

Please make sure to replace the placeholders between %% with the according data references (see screenshot for an example). You need to remove the % characters. You can find the Google Drive folder id, by accessing the folder that you want to upload to in Google Drive. The ID will be shown in the URL such as

If you need the Google ID of the created file for future steps in your process, you can configure response data variables as seen in above screenshot.

Note: It is not possible to upload to Google Drive multiple files provided in the file upload step. We might add this functionality in the future. Reach out to your customer success contact if this is useful for you.

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