Next Matter Administrators have access to advanced settings that affect the entire workspace.


Colleagues and invites

Invite a new user

As an administrator, you have the privilege to invite more colleagues to the companies Next Matter workspace.

Click on your company logo on the top left of the page and select Colleagues or head directly to

From there, you can click on "+Invite a Colleague" on the top right hand side of the screen and in the following modal invite the new user with first name, last name and email address.


Each user can have the role of a regular "Colleague" or "Organization Admin".

Rights of Colleagues

  • Change their individual profile settings

  • Create new processes

  • Duplicate existing processes that they can see

  • Update processes of which they are the process lead

  • Create new teams and remove their own teams

  • Add team members to teams they are leading

  • Create public and private folders and remove them again

  • Move their own processes between folders

  • See processes that they are allowed to see according to folder and process setting

Rights of Organization Admins

  • Administrators have full access to a Next Matter workspace without any restriction, including visibility on all folders, processes, instances, teams and integrations

  • They can take over any step themselves

As an admin you can set roles for any user including yourself. Be careful, if you "demote" yourself to colleague, you cannot promote yourself back to admin level again.

Remove a user

Any user can be removed from the organization from the same tab, by clicking on the three dots on the right hand side --> Remove user from Organization.

If there are still open tasks for that user then you need to delegate all open tasks to another colleague or conclude up those process instances first. A modal will point you to any active instances so that you can take action accordingly.

Reset the password

Users can reset the password themselves, as is outlined in this article.


Teams are a way to assign a process step to a group of people. Any step in a Next Matter process can be assigned to a team with the Next Matter Editor. Each team member is eligible to pick up unassigned work for that team.

Create a Team

Teams can be created in two places by any user

  • The "+" icon next to TEAM in the navigation pane in the main view

  • The organization settings

Manage a team

Once created, these actions are available for managing a team

  • Add or remove team members

  • Assign or remove "team lead" status. Team leads can add or remove users from teams even if they are not an organization admin.

  • Change team name (effective immediately)

  • Remove team. Only works if there are not processes associated with that team


Next Matter can integrate with any system through integration steps for example to retrieve data and use it further in a process or to update data in a third party system.

This is done through HTTP requests, which are labeled integration steps inside the Next Matter editor.

For some applications (e.g. Google Sheets, Xero, Google Drive), Next Matter can securely handle the authorization of integration calls that are made with Next Matter.

Connect an integration

Navigate to the integrations tab in the profile settings and click on "Connect" for an integration of your choice. This will take you through the authorization flow of the integration.

  • The user account that is used to authorize Next Matter needs to have rights to authorize third party applications. Get in touch with your company system administrator if you need to approve Next Matter

  • For some you might see a security warning, which you can circumvent by clicking on "Connect anyway"

When successful, the connected system is now available as a "Pre-Configured" Integration inside any "Integration Step" inside Next Matter.

The authorization rights for the entire Next Matter workspace are tied to the user that is used to make the integration connection.

Example: If you authorize Google Sheets, then Next Matter will ask you to select a user for the Google Sheets connection. As a consequence, Next Matter can interact only with Sheets that this user has access to.

Tip: Some companies create an email address and user for Next Matter system integrations, e.g.,

That way it is easier to manage system access rights accross all Next Matter processes.

Disconnect an integration

An integration can be disconnected by any admin. Processes that use integration steps with that pre-configured integration will no longer work until re-connected by an admin.

Other workspace settings

Name and logo

The name and logo of your workspace can be changed to your preference. Get in touch with your Next Matter customer success contact to request the change.


Billing is automatically adjusted based on the number of users in your account. Demo and trouble shooting users that have a email address are not counted for billing purposes.

Get in touch with your local Next Matter customer success contact to request a change of your subscription plan, email address or invoicing address.

Video Walkthrough

This video contains a summary of this article. (coming soon)

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