Workfow lead and tech lead

Ensure your workflow escalation contact person and the main stakeholder are set.

The workflow lead is the person who can view, change, or delete a workflow. They are the main contact people for the workflow. They are also the main business stakeholder. You can change the lead at any time.

The tech lead might be the workflow builder or can manage technical aspects of the workflow. When a step fails, it automatically gets assigned to the tech lead. They also get notified if a step failed (in the Needs attention section of the Inbox and by email.), and they can retry the step by test-tweaking the configuration.

The workflow lead remains the escalation contact if the tech lead is not set.

You can select the lead from among the workspace colleagues.


A tech lead is just a role that can be assigned to anyone and it doesn't change the account's permissions. However tech leads will be able to see the request body if the integration fails even if the step visibility is restricted.