Workflow managers

Monitor and own workflows end-to-end.

As a workflow manager, you are responsible for workflows and their live instances from the moment they are started to their completion.

Next Matter gives you tools to participate in and monitor workflows at each stage.


Quick access

As a manager, you can use Roadmap to quickly access workflow status and monitor which workflows are about to go live. You can drill down to check whether all builder notes have been completed, or, if some have not, click the number link to see what still needs your attention.

You can also click the eye or pencil icon (if you have edit rights) to quickly view and update the workflow on the fly.

A screenshot of the option to edit workflows from the roadmap

Updating can be done by dragging and dropping steps or forms, making quick edits, or adding tagged notes to the workflow.


Use the instances started column to monitor any overdue or canceled instances and access them quickly. You can also verify the completed instances.

New workflow suggestions

If you're looking for further improvements and automation suggestions for your department, use the AI process builder to give you some hints. Click Workflows > Create new workflow with AI for our Chat GPT-powered AI engine to help out.


Quick overview to monitor

Next Matter offers you data to regularly check the health of a workflow. You can do the following:

  • organize steps in stages. This way, you can track the workflow of workflows on the Stages board, and identify bottlenecks.
  • look at the information in the Data tab. You can filter the data by workflow and monitor the average completion time of instances.

Review priorities

Check your Inbox for any tasks that might need attention or whose deadline is approaching. Maybe you need to involve a builder to fix a faulty integration or delegate a task to another user to speed things up.

Build teams

Use the Company tab to access Teams, where you can add people to specific teams and define their roles. You can update the roles at any time you want.

A screenshot of the Team tab with the roles drop-down expanded

If you're a part of the team, you'll be able to see your team's inbox within your own Inbox.