June release notes

Searching processes by tags, dynamic data sources, and many more...

Search and find by tags

Workflow manager

Tagging workflowss can be helpful to categorize them. Now, tagging can also help you to find the workflows you need. You can use tags to filter instances and tasks in your inbox. Click Filters, expand the Tags dropdown, and select one or multiple tags to filter for. The instances in which the selected tags have been used will be shown as the result.

A screenshot of the process overview with the Active instances tab open. The Tags filter dropdown has been highlighted on the right side in the Filter bar.

Keep your dropdown data up to date with external data sources

Workflow builder

Connect to external data sources such as Google Sheets or a PostgreSQL database and create single or multiple value dropdowns. Any update in your data will be automatically reflected across your workflows, saving you time and effort.

A screenshot of a dynamic dropdown congfiguration

Learn more: Dynamic dropdowns

Create an email notification in seconds

Workflow builder

Now, if you want to send an email to the workflow user, you can create and configure the email in a matter of seconds. No need for HTML or coding. Simply click Email step when adding steps, provide the email details, and write up the message.

The email will be sent from the Next Matter email account.

For details, see Create a no-code email.

Create data references automatically

Workflow builder

Now, when you create an external portal, you can append parameters that will translate into data references when users create new instances. This is a quick and easy way to create data references that are stored in instances that you can pass to external databases.

For details, Pass meta information.