Loop and branch workflows in seconds...

Use OpenAI to scan and summarize customer emails

No need to read the entire customer email when a tool can do it for you! Now you can connect to Open AI and use our ready-made no-code step to analyze the text and the sentiment of the email, and summarize it for you!

This is a huge time saver for the customer support team who get hundreds of customer emails a day!

For details, see OpenAI no-code step.

External portals are now public forms

To have simplified the terms we use, and in that spirit, we've renamed External portals to Public forms!
Public forms can be accessed by anyone with a link or a QR code, and once filled out, they start a workflow.
This is an excellent method for collecting information from external users without requiring them to set up user accounts.

Make decisions faster with looping and branching


This feature is now a beta.

Want to speed up your decision-making process? Now you can easily create actions like approving steps, moving forward, and looping the workflow using the new routing button available as a form field.

Let's take a look at a story:
Imagine you've received personal information from a new supplier via a form you sent out.
After reviewing the information, you can quickly decide what to do next:

  • If the data is correct and complete, you can smoothly move the supplier forward in the workflow.
  • If the data is missing or incorrect, you can easily send the workflow back to the previous step to request the necessary updates.
  • And if you suspect the supplier is engaging in fraudulent activities, you can swiftly flag and offboard them.

By using looping, branching, and customizing workflows, you can tailor the process to fit your specific requirements. Plus, you can connect routing with conditions, ensuring the field is shown only when it meets the specified criteria.


You can use the Routing form field instead of the Decision step as it offers more options.

Edit portals with a click

Now you can quickly switch to the edit mode and make changes to your portal.

Make users' lives easier with prefilled data


This feature is now a beta.

If you already have certain data on file or stored elsewhere in the system, you can use it to automatically fill in form fields for your suppliers or end users. This way, they won't have to type in the same information again and again, making it quicker and easier for them to complete and submit forms.

Just think about customer data – customers shouldn't need to add it all over again. They might just want to take a look at the data to make sure it's correct. The same goes for creating shipping labels – if you already have the info, you can save them time by filling it in for them.

Now, you can automatically prefill all the form fields for your users. You can do this by using the data references or by entering the information manually.

Happy building!

Next addition to Next Matter templates

Next Matter templates help you quickly make small adjustments to Next Matter workflows or perform actions on the workflows. For example, you can complete or launch workflow instances automatically, delete them, or find them by tag. Templates facilitate and speed up workflow creation as you don't have to manually create and configure steps but can use a ready-made set within any workflow you need.

Now, you can also use a template to export instance details into a downloadable PDF.

You can find all Next Matter templates by clicking Templates > Next Matter templates when you create a new workflow step.