Exciting changes to portals, and new no-code actions...

Share portals with colleagues and teams, fast

Now, you don't need to be a light user to interact with portals. To make sharing portals easier and faster, you can select to share them with colleagues, or even entire teams!

No-code way to send messages to Slack channels

No need to go through multiple hoops to quickly send a Slack message as part of your workflow. Now, sending messages to the selected channel is available as a no-code step. Simply select the step, decide on the channel to send the message to, type the message, and you're all set!

For details, see Slack no-code.

No-code updates to Google Sheets

We are on a roll here! The two new features we're proud to present are: deleting spreadsheets and updating rows!

You can now update rows in Google Sheets with just a few clicks. No need to add API endpoints or custom configuration. Simply select your action, add new values, and you're all set.

For details, see Update rows in Google Sheets

To delete spreadsheet, you simply need to select the delete action. A pro tip: select the file from among the data references - this way you avoid the hassle of checking the file name.

Add comments to Front conversations as a no-code step

If your support teams use Front as a way to contact clients, they can now run the whole support process end-to-end from Next Matter with Front conversations handled directly in Next Matter workflows.

Configure a no-code integration step, add comment details, and you're good to go. The comment will be added to Front when the workflow runs.

For details, see Connect to Front code-free