Building notes is a feature to leave notes, tasks, questions and ideas. This feature helps on capturing all back and forth messages around the design and building of a process and are kept as documentation.

All building notes are listed in the Process Overview. Each step shows the building notes assigned to that step.

This section will show how to:

Add a building note

Click on the hammer icon to add a new building note.

The building note will open. To create the first building note, enter the Title and the message, and click on "Create".

Once added the first note, any other person will be able to answer.

The steps containing building notes will have the building note icon. Orange for open and green for completed.

Link a building note a step

A building note can be linked to a step or not. All will be shown in the Process overview. The ones linked to a step will also be shown in the step.

Tag people or teams

You can tag people or teams to whom you send the message. They will be notified by email. To tag just type @ and start typing the name. A list of suggestions will appear to autocomplete.

Mark the note as Must Have

By clicking on the checkbox "Required before process can be set to live" you set the building note as required for the process going live.

The building note is then labeled as "MUST HAVE".

Complete and Reopen a building note

By clicking on "Mark Complete" button the building note is closed. From then on it can be seen but no more replies are possible unless it is re-opened.

By clicking on "Reopen building note" button the building note is activated again and replies can be added.

See all building notes of a process

All the building notes are listed in the Process overview. You can filter by showing all or to hide the completed building notes.

On the process navigation bar on the left, the Process overview shows in red the number of open MUST HAVE building notes.

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