Step templates are pre-defined combinations of steps, that enable you to build popular integrations and common business scenarios faster.


  1. Types of step templates

    1. Integrations

    2. Next Matter Integrations

    3. Utilities

  2. How to use step templates

1. Types of step templates

There are three groups of step templates.


Here you can find steps to integrate the most common technologies with Next Matter. We currently have templates for a variety of systems and use cases. Please reach out to Next Matter support if you can not find the integration you need.


Additional help

Google Sheets

Find and replace

Add and update a row

Google Drive

Upload file

Upload files to Drive

Set a permission

Move file to folder

Google Doc

Create PDF from template

Create PDF with signature


Create a Zendesk ticket


Send a notification


Send an email


Query and update a ticket

Integrate with Freshdesk


Create an issue

Create a JIRA issue


Send a text message

Next Matter Integrations

These are templates for using the Next Matter API within your process. You currently can

  1. Launch a process automatically directly from your process. Useful to trigger subprocesses.

  2. Update name or tags of a process instance

  3. Complete a step automatically


These steps provide extra utilities that are not yet part of the core platform. You can use these to

  1. Calculate a future date and schedule a step at that dat

  2. Calculate a formula

  3. Format a date

  4. Put together a URL to use in later parts of the processes. This is useful if you need to construct URLs with data references.

As of today, it is not yet possible to create your own step templates. Missing an integration? Please reach out to the Next Matter support team.

2. How to use step templates

You create step templates by adding a step and selecting the template of your choice. Each template displays a description and the number of steps that it will create.

The template also introduces an extra step for setup instructions. Please read and follow these closely when you first use a step template. Once you finished the setup you can safely delete this step.

A few things to consider when using step templates

  • read and follow the setup instructions carefully

  • for integrations with an external system (Slack, JIRA, etc.) you most likely will need an API-Key for authentication. Please make sure that you have the internal permissions to get an API-Key to connect your system with Next Matter

  • the template gives you the building blocks, but you can adapt them to fit your process. Move them around, rename them and change data references where needed

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