Get a 360 degree view of your company workflows, and monitor the overall performance.

With Next Matter, all your workflows, teams, integrations, and data live on a customizable platform. Management is automated, work is streamlined, and processes are ready to scale as you grow.


With Next Matter dashboard you have all the data you need available at hand's reach.

You can see how many processes you have automated, how many live workflows (instances) have completed timely, and how much time your organization saved on exchanging manual flows for automation.

A screenshot of the Next Matter dashboard

The dashboard lets you monitor automation progress and see if new processes are implemented without delay. If delays happen, the dashboard is your starting point for contacting workflow owners.


If you want to drill down, click Roadmap and use the filters available to get the information you need. You can filter on statuses - for example, if you filter for the workflows with the Backlog status, you'll be able to see which workflows are still waiting to be implemented.

Roadmap gives you quick access to the metrics you need to monitor the automation performance of your organization.

You can also see the distribution of workflows across your organization and which departments are automation-driven.

A screenshot of the top part of the roadmap presenting data in charts and available filters

Stages board

To look at the progress data from all angles, go to Workflows > Overview, and open the Stages Board. When your organization has defined stages for workflow steps, you can see how workflow instances move from stage to stage. This will give you insights into possible bottlenecks and overall progress.

Average completion times

You can monitor how long workflows take with the information available in the Data tab. You can crunch numbers for all workflows or drill down to workflow-specific data. This way, you can estimate the benefit of automation as an average automated process takes much less than its manual counterpart.

For more on the data available, see Data overview.

The data tab with the step and process completion time charts


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