Date calculations

Find out how to calculate a date or a batch of dates in your Next Matter workflow.


Good to know: Check out our ready-made templates available when you add a step and select Templates > Next Matter templates. You can use the templates to create a set of pre-configured steps.

  1. Open your workflow and create a form step with the two form fields. Click + Add form field and create the following:
  • Date Input: The date when you want to apply the calculation. This will be form field one.
  • Text Input - Short: This is to submit the days that you want to add/subtract when running your workflow. This will be form field two.


Note: To subtract days, enter a negative number such as -5. For adding days simply type the number.

  1. Now create the date calculation step. To do that, create an integration step after step 1.
  2. Click Settings to configure the step. Enter the following details:
  • Method: POST
  • URL:
  • Headers: Content-Type: application/json
  • Body might look like the following:
Single date example
  "date": "<DATE>",  
  "days_to_add": "<NUMBER OF DAYS>",  
  "enable_business_days": <TRUE or FALSE>  

date: Enter the date by using the data reference of the date form field from the previous step.

days_to_add: Number of days to add or remove. To remove, add a minus, for example, -5

enable_business_days: Optional. If set to true, the calculation skips Saturday and Sunday. Adding 1 day to a Friday leads to the next Monday. This feature is not available when removing dates. It will return an error if days_to_add is negative, and enable_business_days is set to true.

For example:

  "date": "2022-07-01", 
  "days_to_add": 1, 
  "enable_business_days": true

In reality, Body might look like the following:

  "date": "{1. Enter Date Info - Choose initial date - Date}";
  "days_to_add": [1.. Enter Date Info - Choose days to add. Use a minus if you want to substract days. - Input)

Batch of single dates example

Your batch might look like the following:

    "date": "2022-05-01", 
    "days_to_add": 1, 
    "enable_business_days": true
    "date": "2022-06-01", 
    "days_to_add": -5, 
    "enable_business_days": false
    "date": "2022-06-01", 
    "days_to_add": 2
  • In the Results to be used in later steps, click Add variable.

    You need to create a variable for every date set so that the resulting date can be referenced in later steps.

    • For one date set, add the calculatedDate variable with the value of $.date
    • For multiple sets, your variables might be the following: