Create/Search for Zendesk ticket

You can create a ticket in Zendesk from a Next Matter workflow. You can also search for tickets that have already been created.

Before you begin

  • To complete the task, you need your Zendesk API Key. For details on how to generate it, see Zendesk documentation.

Create a ticket

  1. In your Next Matter workflow, create an integration step.
  2. Click Settings and enter the following details:
  • URL:
  • Method: POST
  • Headers: Content-Type: application/json
  • Headers: Authorization: ZENDESK_API_KEY
  • Body
    	"ticket": {
    		"description": "Next Matter | Information Request",
    		"requester": {
    			"name": "REQUESTER_NAME",//replace this placeholder
    			"email": "REQUESTER_EMAIL"//replace this placeholder
    		"comment": {
    			"html_body": "Some inspiration: {Instance name}",//replace this placeholder using data reference
    			"public": true
  • Create the following variables:
    • $
  1. Save your changes.

Search for a ticket

  1. Click the Settings gear icon to configure your integration step.
  2. In your integration step, you need to authenticate with your Zendesk API key and configure the API Method and URL. Use the following data replacing the placeholder with your own data.
  1. Save your changes.