Form configuration

Form fields are tasks that belong to each step. You can create multiple form fields for each step and make them required or optional.

You can work with form field configuration when you click on a step and add a form field.

To configure form fields, do the following:

  1. Go to Workflows > Edit workflow.
  2. Click Add step.
  3. Select Form.
  4. Click Add form field.
  5. Click the settings icon to add placeholders for fields or labels (step titles), and make the step optional.


Tip: By default form fields are required. If you want a field to be optional, you need to select Optional in the Settings.

There are also options to copy the form field ID, copy the form, move it (for example to a different step), and delete it.

Setting form conditions work in the same way as step conditions. For details, see Set conditions to a step