May release notes

Get familiar with setting the minimum and maximum number of files or images to upload.

Need to compare images in your workflow? Set a minimum number of images for users to upload!

When defining an image or file upload form field, specify the minimum and maximum number of images users should upload. This can be useful when you're building a compliance workflow and need your consultants to compare images.

The option is available in the Image and File upload form field settings.

A screenshot of the Image upload action settings with teh option to specify the minumum and maximum number of images highlighted

Get AI to build your workflow

We have your back if you don't know what your process should look like. Our AI can help you draft the workflow. Simply go to Roadmap and click Create new workflow with AI.

No change gets overwritten

To help you build workflows without other builders making conflicting updates, we made sure that the editor view of each process gets locked when it's being edited. When you leave the page, close the tab, or don't interact with the process editor for 15 minutes, the workflow gets automatically unlocked.

Troubleshoot, fast

To make sure troubleshooting integrations is straightforward, we've made sure to show the API request and response together so that you can review the settings nice and easy.

Simply expand the details of the integration step to see the request and response details.

A screenshot of a successful integration step. The show details link to open the response and request details has been highlighted. The link is on the right of the step status.