April release notes

Dive in our new features: on-brand dashboard, self-service API keys, and more.

Make a great first impression with an on-brand dashboard

The new organization settings page gives admins full control over the Next Matter dashboard. With this new feature, admins can update their organization’s dashboard. Moving forward, we plan to add more capabilities to help admins to better manage their organizations in Next Matter.

A screenshot of the settings page

For details, see Team dashboard

No need to ask support for API keys. It’s self-service now!

To give admins more control and flexibility, we are introducing the “Next Matter API Keys” page. Next Matter API keys can be created, edited, set to expire, and revoked directly from this page. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to manage them according to your needs, granting you complete authority over them.

A screenshot of a self-generated API key

For details, see API keys

Get the right people in to troubleshoot

To help with troubleshooting integrations, on the workflow overview page, we have added a "Tech Lead" or escalation contact. When a user is selected for this role, they will be automatically assigned to all failed integration steps in the workflow. If the "Tech Lead" is not set, the workflow lead will serve as the escalation contact.

A screenshot of the process overview page. The dropdown to select a tech lead has been highlighted

For details, see Process overview

De-clutter your inbox with Task Snoozing

We're excited to introduce our new snooze function, designed to help you manage your notifications more effectively. You can now snooze specific tasks in your inbox to keep it clutter-free.

A screenshot of a task. The option to snooze and the option to complete task are to the right of the task's name

For details, see: Snooze tasks

Integrate with Postgres to manage your data

Next Matter has recently integrated with Postgres, enabling you to streamline your workflows seamlessly. With this integration, you can now access and manage your Postgres database directly from within our tool, saving you time and effort. This integration also ensures data consistency and reliability, improving the overall efficiency of your workflow.

For details, see Integrate with PostgreSQL