Conditional step assignee

Assign steps based on the action input.

It might happen that a home rental business operates in three cities. If you run a house check workflow, you might want to assign the check to the team that's located in a specific city. So based on the city, you would assign a step to check the house to the respective team.

Alternatively, you might want to assign a step to different members of the sales team based on the purchase value.

Set up conditional assignee

  1. When creating a workflow step, click the User triggering the workflow drop-down.
  2. Select Conditional assignee.
  1. Specify the conditions. Use the AND and OR conditions to define the dependencies.
    You can define multiple rules. Rules are applied in the order they appear.
  1. Save your changes.

Now your step will have the conditional marker. When you hover over it, the conditions will display.

When the step is assigned, the assignee's name will be visible under the step.


When the step assignee's not available the workflow lead will be assigned to the step.

Edit the rules

You can edit the conditions however, your changes will not apply if the step has already been activated. Additionally, any change made will affect only those instances that haven't yet been started.

The changes to conditions will show up in the changelog.