Data formatting

When you select references you can choose between providing data in JSON or plain format

When the data is used in other Next Matter steps or to complete integration, we recommend using the JSON format as this is the format most systems parse and understand.

If you want the data to be provided in a human-readable format to display it to users, use the plain format.

When you send data from Next Matter to third-party tools, it's a good idea to check in the tool's documentation which format is preferable.

Differences in formats


In case of the input types that are not listed here both options look the same.

Text and string input

This is an example text with linebreaks\n\nand \"double quotes\"
This is an example text with linebreaks

and "double quotes"

Multi-value dropdowns and checklists

The examples are based on the itemsSelected and itemsChecked references. All other references for these inputs look the same.

["Option A", "Option B"]
Option A, Option B

File and image uploads

The examples are based on the "files" and "images" reference. In the case of the firstFile reference there is no difference between JSON and plain.

["", ""] ,