Customer service automation with Next Matter

Need to run a return rental workflow or automate refund processes? Any customer service workflow, complex or straightforward, can be automated in Next Matter.

Solution for quality and efficiency

Customer service is always a big topic and a cornerstone for each business. Research shows that customers are more willing to forgive product issues if customer service is top-notch. Failing support discourages further use, no question about it.

That's why automating customer services lies at the bottom of great quality and customer satisfaction. Workflows run smoothly, steps are completed in a predictable sequence, your support agents are reminded about their upcoming tasks and deadlines, and nothing falls between the cracks. This way the services offered are efficient, streamlined, and fair and you're getting great reviews online.

With Next Matter you can build tailored workflows that are:

  • Customized: you can shape the workflows to match your process, and not vice versa
  • Dependable: you can trigger them automatically and run them for hundreds of customers at the same time
  • Verifiable: every instance is an exact mirror of what happened, when, and who was assigned to the task. You can also check how long each person spent on a task
  • Transparent: you can see the entire process as a flowchart. This way you can tweak and streamline it
  • Holistic: you can build steps and forms for internal as well as external use

Workflows for customer service

Our clients stremaline their service operations to run fast, predictable and auditable workflows. With automation in place, nothing gets missed, forgotten or omittet.

Key clients workflows per industry


  • Missing parts delivery
  • Bike returns
  • Driver documents collection


  • Customer request triage
  • Work quality management

Can't see the workflow you need? Let us know!

Our clients build build Next Matter workflows to follow detailed procedures and ensure each customer is receiving the same treatment and any issues and complaints are treated according to the same high standards. Maintaining quality is nearly impossible whern things are run manually. That's why automated workflows ensure comanies adhere to standards and details don't fall between cracks.

Key clients workflows per industry


  • Management of refund claims
  • Complaint management


  • Job reports
  • Work quality management

Features that do the trick

Building workflows

Our clients make use of the following features:

  • Forms and external steps: build comprehensive forms for clients to fill in their details without logging in. Learn more...
  • External API to build integrations: integrate any software that works with REST API and send data to and out of workflows, track shipments, and backup data. Learn more...
  • Instruction steps: create detailed instructions for teams on how to proceed and what actions to take. Learn more...
  • External portal: build customer hubs so that specific forms can be found in no time
  • Integrations and templates: connect to external tools using REST API and build workflows with ready-to-use presets. Learn more...

Running workflows

  • Deadline and task notifications: notify team members that a deadline is approaching and inform them about assigned tasks. Learn more...
  • Automated emails: send confirmation or invoice emails to clients automatically based on triggers or conditions. Add permanent or one-off attachments. Learn more...
  • Webhook triggers: start workflows automatically whenever a trigger comes from an external tool (such as a new ticket in Zendesk). Learn more...
  • Front plug-in: speed-up your work by opening Next Matter inside the Front app. Learn more...
  • Zendesk integration: start workflows automatically when Zendesk ticket is created and send data to and from tickets. Complete tickets from within Zendesk. Learn more...

Streamlining / Optimizing workflows

  • Data breakdown: see how long teams and users spent on steps to see what can be improved. Learn more...
  • Data export: export data from instances to an external database. Learn more...

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