B2B onboarding with Next Matter

Make onboarding a replicable, quality and enjoyable experience: for employees, customers, partners, ...and yourself.

Onboarding employees, customers, or partners can be a tedious process that involves sharing many resources and emailing forms back and forth. It can be difficult to keep track of what has been shared, completed, and collected. However, automating the onboarding process can be a life-saver, time-saver, and smart way to maintain quality and control.


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Automate to win

Automating onboarding flows can have the following benefits:

  • You have control over what information is shared, when, and with whom.
  • You can onboard everyone in the same quality manner.
  • You can automatically send the collected data to external databases.
  • Onboarding becomes measurable and compliant.
  • You save time and resources, and have peace of mind that nothing has been overlooked.

Features that do the trick

Our clients make use of the following features to achieve these benefits:

  • Portals: sharable and customizable portals that take seconds to create but save hours of time searching for and sharing the right workflows. Users can start the right workflow directly from the portal and complete tasks securely and easily. Learn more...
  • Forms: advanced forms that allow for collecting all sorts of data, from photos to text inputs and signatures. Forms are easily built and customized; fields can be shown based on conditions and previous input, and drop-down lists can be dynamically populated with data from external databases. Learn more...
  • Data-sharing: data references allow for advanced data reuse. As soon as a piece of information appears in the workflow, it can be shared, referenced, and reused. Learn more...
  • Extensive integrations: integrating with external databases (Amazon Redshift or PostgreSQL), online sheets, and drives allows for quick and efficient data exchange. Learn more...
  • Timestamps and overviews: clear overviews of which steps have been completed and by whom provide an auditable picture of the workflow health and possible bottlenecks. Learn more...

Next steps

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