Next Matter is a business digitization platform that helps companies transform their manual processes into integrated, digital experiences ready for execution.

What can I do with Next Matter?

Next Matter enables your business to:

  • Define manual processes to be digitized - whether personal, department-specific, cross-functional, or enterprise-wide.
  • Capture in minutes. Build processes in line with business and technology best practices, based on templates or starting from scratch.
  • Execute on time, and in full. Get work done through a simple, unified interface on desktop and mobile – in-house, or in collaboration with external parties.
  • Manage as required. Monitor performance, support as needed, and access data for compliance and reporting purposes.
  • Improve immediately. Coordinate and execute work more efficiently, with increased automation, streamlined communication, and fewer errors.

Who uses Next Matter?

Next Matter is designed to support your entire organization - from executive management to individual team contributor - and supports every department, both internally and cross-functionally. For example:

  • Operations teams managing complex, fulfillment processes that span Product, Logistics, and Customer Support
  • Product teams managing a multi-step product launch that traverses Design, Marketing, and Sales.
  • Marketing teams preparing and running campaigns in collaboration with freelancers and external agencies to launch new products.
  • HR teams recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new team members, in conjunction with Finance, the hiring manager, external recruiters, and candidates.
  • Field Support teams who need a smarter solution for ticketing and servicing, that doesn't break when requests get complicated.
  • Any business manager who believes there is a better way to coordinate and execute business, and is tired of wasting precious time.

Is Next Matter for you?

If you have questions you'd like answered, and evaluate if Next Matter is right for your business, click the link below to tell us a bit more specifically about your business needs, and a Customer Success manager will be in touch within 1 business day:

What sets Next Matter apart?

Unlike the heavy investment of implementing ERP or CRM systems, using Next Matter, business processes can be captured, digitized, and ready to execute in a matter of hours. And unlike task management or team collaboration platforms that help you to document and assign work, Next Matter processes are executive and cross-functional by design, bringing coordination, work execution, and documentation all together within one, unified system.

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